Volunteer with ASG

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ASG works to have student input on various college committees. This opportunity allows students to voice their concerns, provide a student perspective, and gain great leadership experience.

Except as noted, each College committee needs only one student representative. If the committee you choose meets only monthly or less, choose at least one other committee.

  • ASG Budget Committee
    Committee Chair - Liudmilla Pitt

    4 Student Representative Positions - Closed

    Students are needed to complete the composition of this committee. The committee is responsible for compiling annual budget requests and making annual budget recommendations to ASG Senate. The budget committee meets weekly (TBD) until the conclusion of the budget process.

  • ASG Events and Activities Committee
    Committee Chair - Sheila Walton

    The committee works on planning and marketing ASG sponsored events. The committee meets twice a month, subcommittees for each event meet more frequently close to event dates.

  • Board of Trustees

    Chair - Darrell Mitsunaga (President or his/her designee)

    Student Representative - Richie Savedo

    The Lake Washington Institute of Technology Board of Trustees is composed of five members appointed by the governor of Washington state for five-year terms, with the consent of the state Senate. Representing residents of Bellevue, Bothell, Carnation, Duvall, Fall City, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Skykomish, Snoqualmie and Woodinville, they hold regular meetings the first Monday of each month at 5:45 p.m., which are open to the public.

    Meets 1st Monday of each month, 5:45 p.m. in W305A (no meetings in summer)

  • College Council

    Committee Chair - Susan Aaron-Moller
    Student Representative - Dominque Carver
    Student Representative - Liudmila Pit

    The College Council was formed May 2005 to provide an opportunity for everyone in the college community to participate in the process of Governance. The governance of any college is central to bringing the best to its students.

    The College Council has two major roles:

    (1) To increase communication with and participation of faculty, staff and students in the governance of the college; and (2) To deliberate and make recommendations to the college Administration regarding proposed actions, or policy changes.

    Please be an active participant in this important aspect of the college governance process! Your representatives are on the Council to work for you. The College Council will be working with all of the standing committees on campus as well as special ad hoccommittees and task forces.

  • Diversity Committee (up to 2 students)*

    Chair - Sheila Walton
    Chair - Neera Mehta
    Student Representative - Open

    The Diversity Committee is a group of faculty, staff and students committed to supporting a campus climate that welcomes diversity. Organized under the College Cabinet, the Diversity Committee presents special events and educational opportunities to the campus.

  • Library Media Center Committee (LMCC)

    Committee Chair - Cheyenne Roudin
    Student Representative - Dominique Carver

  • Safety Committee*
    Committee Chair - Anthony Bowers
    Student Representative - Alex Fleege

    Meets monthly

  • Bookstore Committee*
    Committee Chair - Greg LePage
    Student Representative - Open

    Meets quarterly

  • IT Business Council
    Committee Chair - Mike Potter
    Student Representative - Richie Savedo

    Information Technology is only one of the many ways in which the college spends its limited financial resources. IT must compete with other essential needs. As such, it is the duty of the ITBC to focus these limited dollars and energies toward those projects that have the highest likelihood of success, can best serve the needs of the college and its students and can produce the best return on the college's investments. A three-headed beast that is not easy to serve.

  • Tenure Committees
    Part of the tenure review process for tenure-track faculty. Each committee meets at least quarterly. Student representatives are appointed by the ASG President.

* Students can attend these committees as observers, as well as Instructional Council (meets twice monthly), and club meetings.