Study Spaces & Copy Machines

Open Lounge Areas & Study Areas

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) has designed numerous spaces on our Kirkland and Redmond campuses that are available to all students for relaxing and gathering. These areas are specifically designed for student groups for hanging out or meeting up with a study space. Spaces are located throughout both campuses. We encourage you to explore our campuses and find a space you that works for your needs. Student Programs staff manages many of these areas, if there are problems with these areas please report any issues to East building, E128.


Copy Machines

Top-Off Printer/Copy Cards

At the start of each quarter, LWTech students receive a $5 credit for their printing/copying needs. With the current $0.05 per black and white copy charge, the $5 credit equates to one hundred (100) black & white prints/copies. The color copy charge is $0.21 per copy.  Students can add copy credits to their account by purchasing copy/print Top-Off Cards at the LWTech Bookstore during regular business hours. 

Students at the Redmond campus can purchase Top-Off Cards from a staff member at the front administrative office from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Top-Off Cards may be purchased in $1 and $5 denominations. Purchased credits are added to your copy/print account via an online process with instructions.  Computer terminals in the Library are available for adding credits to your account.  

Top-Off Card credits expire at the end of each quarter and do not carry over to the next quarter. Top-Off Cards are not available at the Kirkland Campus Library, so please plan ahead for weekend copying needs.    

For questions or technical support, please contact the Student Helpdesk in the LWTech IT Services Department. The Student Helpdesk can be reached by telephone at (425) 576-5865, or by submitting a Student Help Desk.


For a fee, printer and copy machines are available for use for students. If you have issues with the copiers, please visit the reference desk (Library-Learning Commons) or Student Programs (East Building, E128). All students need a print card, which doubles as your student ID. Pick up your student ID from the Information Desk in West building, W201. If you have troubles with the copy machine contact a staff member for assistance.