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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Electric Vehicle Charging East Building, E199
(425) 739-8218
Two charging stations are located in the parking lot under the Technology Center building. Please follow the instructions on the vehicle charging station. If you experience any problems, contact Facilities & Operations.
Public Transportation Information
The college is a regular stop on Metro bus route 238. To learn more about your public transportation options contact King County Metro to learn about route changes/closures, accessibility, Ride Share, and Vanpool. Bus schedules are available in front of the college bookstore.
On Campus Lounges, Spaces and Labs
Meditation & Relaxation Room Technology Building, T118 (425) 739-8369
The Associated Student Government, in partnership with Facilities and Operations, has designated Technology Building, T118 as LWTech’s Meditation Room. This is a room allocated for those in need of a quiet space on campus to engage in meditation, prayer, or silent reflection. It is intended to be a safe and inclusive environment. Usage of the Meditation Room is on first-come, first- served basis, and only LWTech students, staff, and faculty are eligible to use the room during designated open hours. The room is managed by the RISE Center staff. Any questions or concerns about the Meditation Room can be directed to RISE Center by calling (425) 739-8693 or stopping by the center in East Building, E126.
Open Lounge Areas
East Building, E128 (425) 739-8314
The college has designed numerous spaces available to all students for relaxing and gathering. These areas are specifically designed for student groups. Student Programs staff manages many of these areas, if there are problems with these areas please report any issues to E128.
Study Spaces
There are many study spaces either in the rooms or in various campus lounges. Take advantage of them today.
Student Programs East Building, E128 (425) 739-8314
The Associated Student Government has outlined a study space for a group of less than four people. Student Programs can help you reserve study spaces in the Student Programs Office.

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