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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Attendance Costs
Student budgets estimate expenses for a nine-month academic year, or three quarters. This budget determines a student’s financial need. Budgets include standard, or average, expenses for a student’s cost of attendance. Indirect educational expenses (room/board, transportation, food, etc.) are based on averages for Washington State students; as determined by the Washington Financial Aid Association. Direct educational expenses are an average of tuition, fees, and other college costs.
Financial Aid Deadlines
To receive priority consideration for funding, students must meet posted deadlines. Some financial aid funding is limited and the office cannot guarantee funds will be available. The deadline will be met when all applicable, required items are received by the Financial Aid office by posted deadlines. Applications turned in after the posted deadline will be considered for funding during the next quarterly deadline.
Application processing deadlines:
Fall 2017                                       June 16, 2017 Winter 2018                                  October 6, 2017 Spring 2018                                  January 5, 2018 Summer 2018                               March 15, 2018 Federal Financial Aid Refund Policy
Students who receive federal financial aid are subject to the federal Return to Title IV Funds regulations. These regulations state that aid eligibility for a student receiving federal aid must be recalculated under most circumstances if the student withdraws from all classes early or ceases to attend during the quarter. Some students may owe a repayment of funds received. These regulations and any resulting amounts owed are separate from and may be in addition to the college’s own tuition refund policy.
Workforce Development West Building, W207 (425) 739-8300
Many programs exist to help you go from college to work. From economic support to career building to interviewing techniques, there is a service or resource to help you. Visit West Building, W207 for more information.
Basic Food, Employment & Training (BFET) program West Building, W207
(425) 576-5811
The Basic Food, Employment & Training (BFET) program is a federally funded program designed to support students who are receiving federal food assistance, or food stamps.
Students in the BFET program may receive:
• Funding for books & supplies, up to $250 per quarter
• Childcare assistance through Working Connections Childcare (DSHS) • Career and educational advising and planning

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