Library Staff

Meet the staff at the Library Learning Commons.

  • Greg Bem

    Faculty Librarian
    (425) 739-8100 x8898
    Kirkland Campus, Technology Center, T215

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    Greg Bem

    Greg Bem traveled across the country and around the globe before finding his place as a faculty librarian at LWTech. In addition to his love for librarianship and library technologies, Greg enjoys exploring local and exotic wildernesses, writing and editing and publishing poetic writing, and hosting arts events. Greg is always looking for ways to transform and innovate the library, so please do not be shy in sharing your ideas with him.

  • Jonathan Miller

    Library Technician II
    (425) 739-8100 x8632
    Kirkland Campus, Technology Center, T215

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    Jonathan Miller

    Hi, my name is Jonathan Miller and I’m the new Library Technician here in the Learning Commons. After a long and varied career, I earned an AA from Bellevue College in 2003 (where I worked in the library from 2001-2006) and a BA in History from the University of Washington in 2005. In addition to history, I also have an extensive knowledge of comics, sorry, graphic novels, as well as being an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy (especially older stuff). I’m also an expert on all things Doctor Who, if that interests anyone. If you need any information about these subjects, or if you just want to chat about the kings of England, comic books, SF or who my favorite Doctor is, come on by.

  • Michele Ng

    Computer Lab Technician
    (425) 739-8100 x8563
    Kirkland Campus, Technology Center, T215