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The eLearning department provides support for online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses. We serve both students and instructors. For instructors, we provide software training and support, instructional design, and lab space.

Login with your @lwtech.edu email address and password.  

If you are experiencing an issue, please email elearning@lwtech.edu or if in Canvas, click on the Canvas Help icon in the blue bar. 

If you are a student experiencing issues that impact your ability to complete coursework on time, please also notify your instructor so they are aware of the problem.

Online Courses

LWTech's e-Learning courses use online tools to enhance teaching and learning. There are three types of e-Learning courses:

  • Online Courses are held entirely online with no face-to-face classroom time. Online courses require the same amount of work as campus courses. They include scheduled assignments and exams. Some online courses require students to meet online in web conferences at scheduled times. 
  • Hybrid Courses use online technologies to replace some (not all) face-to-face class time. The blend can be flexible. Some hybrid classes replace one weekly class session with online work. Some only meet in person a few times per quarter. Students must attend all scheduled classroom sessions.
  • Web-enhanced courses are face-to-face class sections that meet on campus at scheduled times and use online technologies for additional interaction or sharing course materials. Face-to-face class time is NOT displaced. Students must attend all scheduled classroom sessions.

Quarterly eLearning courses can be found in the Course Schedule by choosing "Fully Online" or "Partly Online" in the "Location" dropdown box.

eLearning Technologies

  • Canvas is an online tool for teaching and learning. The majority of LWTech credit courses use the Canvas learning platform. Instructors use Canvas to share course content, post assignments and grades, conduct quizzes, and collect online submissions.
  • Respondus is a proctoring tool for online exams. Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser that prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications. Respondus Monitor uses webcam and video technology to prevent cheating during exams.
  • Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool located within Canvas. It allows you to meet synchronously online using audio, video, text, screen-sharing, and file-sharing tools. Sessions can be recorded to watch later.
  • Panopto is a presentation recording tool located within Canvas. This can be used to record lectures or presentations with audio, video from a webcam, and your computer screen. It can also be used as a portal for hosting videos created outside of Panopto. Creators can set permissions that determine who is able to view the videos.