Who is My Advisor

Student Success Navigators & Advisors

New students see Student Success Navigators and case managed advisors in West Building, W207 for help in choosing their first quarter classes. This can be facilitated through drop-in advising or through an appointment.

Once you have begun your program, see your Faculty advisor for help choosing technical classes for future quarters. Your Faculty advisor is most often an instructor in your program. You can find your assigned advisor by looking up your Student Schedule or Registration Appointment in the Student Toolbox.

Make an appointment with your Faculty advisor early to ensure you will be able to see him/her prior to registering for the next quarter. Advising Days are ideal times to see your Faculty advisor.

Student Success Navigator & Case Managed Advisor Program Assignments

What is Advising Day?

During Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, there is a day set aside specifically for advising. Classes are not held, but students still come to campus to meet with their Faculty advisors and to begin the registration process for the following quarter. See the Academic Calendar for dates.

As You Progress Through Your Program

Continue to meet with your Student Success Navigator to discuss your progress with academic core/general education course work, to discuss academic issues or difficulties, and to get assistance with identifying resources on campus that will make you more successful in reaching your academic and career goals. Student Success Navigators and advisors want to work with you from the time you arrive at LWTech to the time you graduate with a certificate or degree!

Academic Advising for Students in Worker Retraining, TRiO Programs, WorkFirst, Opportunity Grant, & BFET

These programs deliver academic case managed advising as one of many services provided to you. Your advisor will be different than those listed above. Refer to the individual service pages for advisor and contact information: