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The Lake Washington Institute of Technology Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health degree is designed for students who are passionate about health and wellness issues, such as childhood obesity, hypertension, healthcare disparities, infectious disease epidemics, the environment and health, and workplace safety, just to name a few. Graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health (BASPH) program will be able to impact lives of communities and entire populations by researching and advocating for the health and protection of others. A career in Public Health is in high-demand in the Seattle area, as well as in the state of Washington.

Our Classes Fit Your Schedule

LWTech’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health degree and Certificates of Completion in Community Health and Epidemiology feature a popular hybrid/evening format designed for working students. A combination of nighttime-hybrid and online classes, our program is designed to accommodate your busy schedule, with evening classes typically starting at 6 p.m. at our Kirkland campus twice a week, while the rest of the coursework may be completed online. Following the BASPH program schedule, full-time students take three classes per quarter, while part-time students usually take two courses.

Full-Time and Part-Time Course Track Information

Degree Program Tracks & Certificates

LWTech students in their junior year will take a shared core public health curriculum, including public health theory, science, analytical methods, and leadership. Students are also introduced to the principles of epidemiology and community health to help them decide which specialization track they will take their senior year at LWTech. These senior year advanced level classes will prepare Public Health students for careers in local and global public health field. 

For students holding a bachelor’s degree seeking additional training in Public Health, LWTech also offers Certificates of Completion in Community Health or Epidemiology. Our certificates offer eligible students the opportunity to take the senior level specialized courses in order to gain additional applied experiences in the specific area of study.

Program Tracks 

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Health are selected on a competitive basis. This program has application and qualification requirements with an application deadline unique to the program. Program information sessions and specialized advising are available before applying to this program.

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