Running Start

The Running Start program is one of many dual enrollment options available at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Students classified as high school juniors and seniors may apply. Eligible students may attend college full-time and/or take classes at the high school and the college. Students earn high school and college credit simultaneously for college level courses. Tuition is covered through Running Start, so Running Start saves money. In addition, Running Start students get started on college early, so they save time as they work towards their educational goals.

Students are responsible for transportation, course fees and some books. Eligible students are admitted Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Please see the LWTech academic calendar for quarter start dates. Registration usually opens up around two months prior to the start of the quarter (except for Fall enrollment which opens in May). Students must be registered no later than one week prior to the start day of the quarter.

Eligibility for Running Start at LWTech requires the approval of the student's high school and parents, placement into English 101 based on assessment of Smarter Balanced scores and completion of a Math assessment. The evaluation of the above items, along with student goals, will determine eligibility for Running Start at LWTech.

Steps to Enroll

Step 1

Take an Assessment

See the Assessment Center for a testing calendar. Assessment is generally offered each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in West Building,  W207. Please bring valid ID. (Students must get a permission slip from the High School programs office in West Building, W210 first.) Immediately following the assessment, please bring the results to the High School Programs office, West Building, W210.

Step 2

Fill Out Running Start Application

If qualified, we will give you the Running Start paperwork, or you can download the admissions forms.

Step 3

Make an appointment with the Running Start Coordinator to register for classes

The deadline to register is no later than one week prior to the start date of each quarter.

Did You Know?

  • Beginning Spring 2016, LWTech will offer free books for Running Start students enrolled in certain courses?
  • Running Start students at LWTech do not pay admissions fees, parking fees, or fees to take the Compass Placement test? This is quite a savings compared to other colleges in the region.
  • Beginning Spring 2016, Running Start students at LWTech may be eligible for a free ORCA card?
  • LWTech has small class sizes? Most classes are capped at 25 students which aids in student learning.
  • All Running Start students at LWTech have an advisor that meets with them individually to assist them in their transition to the college? This includes discussing educational goals, choosing courses and creating an academic plan for their time in Running Start.
  • Most academic classes at LWTech are transferable? We also offer many career and technical courses that Running Start students are eligible to take.

For further information, call (425) 739-8107 or send us an email.